Conversion formula for CGPA into (%) Percentage of Marks for Relative Grading System under G.U.P.G. Courses from the year 2008 onwards

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  1. I just want to give my opinion regarding this conversion if we calculate percentage by our marks we get the most accurate number but by calculating with this formula we get the percentage in a decreased value by 1 or 2 marks than the other old method. I want to mention that this new formula will not be in favour of the students who gets more marks but less CGPA . Students getting less mark with an increase in 1 or a point CGPA will get the privilege ....I was searching for sites to mention this issue as I got this circular the day it was published but I could not find the correct route to make this point clear. Its quite difficult to be deprived of getting a lower percentage than the actual as many matters come on the way. I think this is a matter of many students as I get to hear. I am just posting my view and I wish this matter will be looked into. If the year gets postponed that after releasing this circular we will have the new conversion formula then I guess it will be justified for students like us.
    I just wanted to mention the issue....above all the authority is supreme and the decision will be welcomed.

  2. UG karone beleg formula use koribo lagibo neki?